(RTTM Kit)Redemption Tactical Team Medical Kit with Supplies

$599.00 USD $750.00 USD

(RTTM Kit)Redemption Tactical Team Medical Kit with Supplies

$599.00 USD $750.00 USD
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$599.00 USD $750.00 USD
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    The Redemption Tactical Team Medical Kit is designed to treat 2-4 casualties. The (RTTM Kit)can hold 6 TQ'S, chest seals, chest decompression needles, nasal pharongenal airways, oral pharongenal airways, hemostatic bandages, stuffing bandages, compressive bandages & much more necessary equipment in order to save a life. This kit is designed to be a great starter kit for the average person or medic and can also be used as a Combat Medical Kit or a Mass Triage Kit. This Medical Kit's contents are provided by North American Rescue LLC.

    The Medical Kit will be packed by a disabled combat veteran and 50% of profits of the sale all Medical Kits will go to a disabled Veteran!

    Comes with Glow in the Dark Name Tapes with hook and loop to organize and label your pouches based on the supplies you use.

    ▪︎ CONTENTS:

    • (2) C-A-T (Combat Application Tourniquet)-Black

    • (2) NAR Compressed Gauze

    • (2) 6" NAR Emergency Trauma Dressing

    • (1) 6" /Abdominal NAR Emergency Trauma Dressing

    • (2) ChitoGauze XR PRO Hemostaic Agent

    • (1) NAR Pre-Lubricated Nasopharyngeal Airway 28F

    • (2) ARS for Needle Decompression, 14G

    • HyFin Chest Seal

    • (1) SAM Splint II

    • (1) NAR Trauma Shears

    • (1) 6" Elastic Wrap Bandage

    • (4) Polycarbonate Eyes Shield

    • (4) Bear Claw Uktimate Nitrile Gloves

    • (1) NAR Ready-Heat Blanket

    • (1) Sharpie Permenant Marker

    • (3) Triangular Bandage

    • (1) 2" Surgical Tape

    • (6) Alcohol Prep Pad


    ▪︎ Contains the medical equipment needed to treat 2-4 casualties

    ▪︎ Stored in a rugged, durable, easy-to-open clear resealable package

    ▪︎ Clear plastic bag allows contents to be easily visualized

    ▪︎ Small cube space allows for easy storage and quick access


    The ARMY Combat Life Saver (CLS) ReSupply Kit by North American Rescue is a convenient kit containing the essential items to resupply your Combat Life Saver compact delivered in a durable and easy-to-open resealable plastic bag.

    The compact design allows the NAR CLS Resupply Kit to be easily stored until it is needed, yet be resealable so that items not required immediately can continue in storage without compromise. The contents of this kit have been chosen to provide sufficient equipment to allow a trained Combat Life Saver to treat 2-4 casualties.


    It is recommended to have medical training before the use of medical supplies. Redemption Tactical is not liable for how these medical supplies are used. 

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