10mm Socket Survival Pack

$29.99 USD

10mm Socket Survival Pack

$29.99 USD
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$29.99 USD
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    We all know the 10mm socket gets lost all the time! You can never find it when you need it! So we’ve made a 10mm Socket Survival Kit! This comes with 2 of every size 10mm socket of 3/8 and 1/4 sockets! You’ll always have one ready now!  

    3/8-10mm short socket, 2 sockets 
    3/8-10mm long socket, 2 sockets 

    1/4-10mm short socket, 2 sockets 

    1/4-10mm long socket, 2 sockets 

    10mm, 12 point short socket, 2 sockets 

    10mm, 12 point long socket, 2 sockets 

    • Large size markings on both sides of every socket
    • Chrome vanadium steel, Forged high-strength 6100-series steel
    • Knuckled rim for better grip when turning by hand
    • Mirror-polished corrosion-resistant finish


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