Night Vision / Thermal

Description This Night Vision can be mounted to your helmet. It’s the InfiRay Jerry-14 Night Vision Monocular is an ultra-lightweight, full-featured night vision monocular that features an NNVT NVT4 1400-1600 FOM manual gain, non-autogated, white phosphor...
$2,450.00 USD $2,800.00 USD

LLUL-21 Dual Night Vision

Introducing the new “LLUL-21”. This NVG housing features an ultra light-weight, yet durable body.Currently, the LLUL is the lightest housing coming to the market to date with a functional weight of only 16.2 ounces with standard PVS-14 Gen 2 optics....
$5,999.00 USD $9,000.00 USD
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